There are some things that you need to consider before you rent out your property. Following you will find a list of things that sometimes get overlooked. Where it is mentioned that something is a requirement refers to the regulations set out in the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010. The following statement should be considered when preparing your property:


WATER SAVING DEVICES: Should you have a property that is separately water metred and you want to charge your tenant for the water usage it is a requirement that the maximum flow rate to all internal cold water taps and single mixer taps for kitchen and bathroom sinks be restricted to 9 litres per minute. That all shower heads have a restricted flow rate of 9 litres per minute and that there are no leaking taps at the commencement of the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

WORKING LIGHTS: It is a requirement that all light fittings to the property are working and the light globes are working. Preferably with energy saving globes. Throughout a tenancy the tenant is only required to maintain the lights they can reach safely from a 1.8 metre step ladder. You are required to maintain and change globes that your tenant cannot reach.

TRIP HAZARDS: It is strongly recommended that if you have any lifting paths/driveways that you endeavour to have this rectified for the Health and Safety of your tenant. Should the tenants child or a guest of theirs trip and injure themselves they can seek compensation from you for not providing a safe environment.

SMOKE ALARMS: It is a requirement that your property is fitted with smoke detectors. It is recommended that one be placed somewhere near the kitchen and the bedrooms. It is a requirement that there is one smoke detector for each liveable level of the premises.

GARDENS: It is recommended that you have your gardens free of weeds, mulched (generally with wood chip) and shrubs and hedges pruned. The simpler the garden the easier it will be for your tenants to maintain and tenants will usually do the least amount of work when a property is not theirs.

TREES: Ensure that trees are pruned back from guttering and dead branches are removed to avoid them dropping and causing damage either to the property or your tenants belongings. Any dead branches in the future that cannot be reached safely by your tenant (generally by a 1.8 metre step ladder) will require your removal during their tenancy.

LAWNS: Ensure that the lawn is mowed as close as possible to the occupancy date and the edges are tidy.
PATHS AND DRIVEWAYS: It is recommended that you give all your paved/concreted areas and good Gurnee to remove any build-up of dirt and algae or slime.

REMOTES: It is a requirement that all remotes (eg. Garage/gate remotes, air conditioning remotes etc ) are working.

LOCKS: It is a requirement that the property can be locked securely. Keys must be supplied for each lock. When you surrender you keys to your agent it is recommended you provide 3 sets. One for safe keeping in the office, and a set each for the tenants. It is a requirement that a full set of keys be provided to each tenant listed on the Residential Tenancy Agreement. There is a clause in the Residential Tenancy Agreement that: The landlord agrees: ''29.1 to provide and maintain locks or other security devices necessary to keep the residential premises reasonably secure,''

INTERNAL DOOR LOCKS: It is a requirement that all internal doors are not fitted with key locks. They present a fire safety issue. Normal privacy locks such as the door handles with a turn button on the back and a slit on the front for unlocking in an emergency.

FENCES: It is recommended that you ensure your fences are kept in good order and are not likely to fall down.

GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPES: It is strongly recommended that you ensure all the gutters and downpipes are clean and free of debris. Tenants are only required to maintain from then on any gutter they are able to reach from a 1.8 metre step ladder and no higher. Therefore it will be an ongoing requirement that you maintain any gutters that cannot be reached by your tenant.

LEAKING SHOWERS/SHOWER SCREENS: These can cause severe damage to your property from rotting subfloors, rotting carpets to ceiling leaks if in a second storey. Ensure that the silicone around your shower screens is in good order and that there is no grout missing from the shower base or walls.

SWIMMING POOLS: ensure that the filter is cleaned out and working correctly and that there are clear directions supplied for the use of the filter. Ensure it is looking clean and that all equipment such and leaf scoops and barracuda's are in good order. It is a requirement that a resuscitation chart be fixed in clear view of the pool and that you pool is registered with the local council to ensure it meets safety standards.

It is our hope that these tips will aid you in preparing your property for rental. As a general rule if it is fixed or in the property it has to work. If there is something here you would like more clarification on or there are other things that arise in your preparations that you would like to ask about please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone on 02 9629 3500 or email at