Welcome to the Greenwood Group Property Management Department!

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding your expectations. We understand that it is hard enough just to find a property to rent on the current market let alone dealing with a grumpy or uninterested Property Manager over the duration of your tenancy. Luckily for you we don't believe in behaving like that.

At the Greenwood Group we appreciate that without tenants there would be no investors and in turn we would not be here. That is why when renting through our office you can expect that we will keep you informed about anything affecting you and your tenancy. This may include things like legislative changes, the property being for sale, information on dealing with disasters and so on. We believe that you should be well informed.

We have put together just a few guidelines for renting with the Greenwood Group:

Inspecting the Property: In NSW it is a legal requirement that a rental property must be inspected by the applicant before an application may be accepted. We suggest that all people applying for a property inspect it so that they understand the product and what they are applying for.

Applying for the Property: When you are ready to submit an application, ensure that you have fully completed the form. If it is not completed then it cannot be processed. You will be required to provide 100 points of identification so that we can be sure we know who is applying for the property. An outline of the specific identification required can be found on our application form. If you find yourself having trouble completing your application form, contact the Property Manager.

Paying a Deposit: An agent can no longer take a deposit to hold a property while an application is being considered. All applications submitted will be considered and the successful applicant will be asked to come and place a deposit on the property while the Residential Tenancy documents are prepared. This deposit will not be accepted in cash. It can be made by a bank cheque, money order or direct deposit.

Paying your Bond: Your bond must be paid at the time of signing your Residential Tenancy Agreement. As our office does not accept cash this amount can be paid by bank cheque, money order or direct deposit. The bond amount will be a total of 4 weeks rent.

Paying your Rent: Rental payments made through our agency are to be made by automatic direct debit. You will be provided with a form to complete when signing your Residential Tenancy Agreement. Once filled in we will direct debit the money from your account each week/fornight.

Your Condition Report: Upon the commencement of your Residential Tenancy Agreement you will be given two copies of the Condition Report. From commencement you will have 7 days to add to it anything you believe should be noted and return a copy of the updated copy to your Property Manager.

During your Tenancy: It is good practice to ensure the property is kept neat and tidy throughout your tenancy. If this is kept up you will find it much easier to be ready for inspections and to carry out an outgoing clean at the conclusion of your tenancy. Please keep in mind that if your circumstances change e.g. someone moves in/out then this must submitted in writing to your property manager. The only people approved to be living in the property are those listed on the lease.

Maintenance and Repairs to the Property: When you come across any maintenance or item attached to property requiring repair it is important that you notify you property manager as soon as possible. This should always be done in writing by using our online maintenance request form, by filling in one of the application forms in your tenant pack or emailing our office at rentals@greenwoodgroup.com.au . All emergency repairs should be reported to the office immediately. All repairs are subject to the owner's approval.

Inspections: The Greenwood Group carries out periodic inspections on a quarterly basis. Notice will be given no less than 14 days prior, in writing. When conducting these inspections the Property Manager will mainly be looking at the overall condition of the property. Others things that will be noted is the property being unreasonably messy/dirty, unfair wear and tear and maintenance items. Tenants will be sent a summary of the inspection outlining if the Property Manager believes there are any issues that should be rectified.

When you become a tenant with The Greenwood Group you will be provided with detailed information regarding your tenancy. You will be ''introduced'' to your new home when you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement and provided with our Tenant Handbook and other information to aid your tenancy. Always remember your Property Manager is always only a phone call or email away.